The Reminiscence Sessions

As part of the Wandle Fortnight we were awarded £100 to run a reminiscence session with some of Wandsworth’s older residents. We met up with the Rotary Club of Tooting to inspire and learn from them about Tooting and other areas within Wandsworth and the Wandle


Below you can listen to the entire transcript of the session.

Here’s some pointers on places to listen about Tooting History

At 0:44: Slipper baths for communal washing on Tooting High street

At 1:51: Remembering Mitcham road and an event in the cinema

At 6:17: Remembering ‘Uncles’ the Pawnbrokers

At 7:50: Sharing bath water with siblings

At 8:55: Remembering Earlsfield

At 11:07: Rosemary and it’s meaning

At 13:03: Remembering Balham

At 14:22: Remembering the police force in 1973

At 15:53: Tooting Police force now

At 16:55: Memories from Colin Dawe, past Mayor of Wandsworth

At 17:34: Remembering teaching in Wandsworth

At 20:23: The Queen Mary hospital for women

At 21:49: Remembering Clay pipes

At 24:21: Remembering life in Colliers Wood

At 27:10: Remembering law in 1986 in Tooting Broadway

At 29:16: Community mediation involvement after riots in 2011

At 31:26: Remembering Hurley’s stationers

At 32:28: Remembering difficulties in renting in the 1960’s

At 33:29: Heinz Baked Beans

Many thanks to The Rotary Club of Tooting (Nazim Ali, Paul Hurrell, Len Saker, TM, Chris Case, Colin Dawes), Laura Mitchison (On The Record), Kemi Akinola (Be Enriched) and the Wandle Valley Forum for part funding the project.

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